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My purpose in life

I feel that I must continue to learn all I can about nutrition, health and longevity through reading and attending meetings and seminars. I also feel that it is my purpose to disseminate what I know, to the best of my ability, that which I have learned and which works for me.

That, of course, is the purpose behind the book. I truly want everyone to have what I have, and to never doubt that it’s possible to live a long life free of disease and mental decline. Another aspect of living on purpose is to try and focus on what is ¬†happening NOW. Think about this for a moment: How much of your day do you suppose is spent savoring the moment, and how much is spent regretting some event from the past or dreading some imagined future? If you are like most people, odds are that thoughts of the Now do not just take a back seat to “more pressing” concerns, but are probably not even in the same vehicle.

Have you ever watched a young child as they go about their activities during the day? Hours can be spent just watching an inchworm move across a limb or examining a stone or a leaf. That child is probably not thinking about whether they might have left the stove on, or where the receipts are for the tax man, or why they made that stupid joke at the company Christmas party two years ago. That child spends the better part of each and every day in the Now, and they are healthy, happy and well-adjusted because of it.



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