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Walk the walk

An excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book:

There seems to be a tendency, as we age, to spend more and more time watching, and less time doing. We adopt a favorite chair, placed just so in front of the television set, and feel that there is nothing better than spending our time parked in that familiar spot, not thinking, but just absorbing and being entertained. I’ve never quite understood why this is so-I know it seems natural, but there is nothing natural about it.

It seems a little like the story of the frog: If a frog is dropped in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But, if the frog is placed into a pot of cool water, and then the stove is turned on, the water will heat so gradually that the frog will just sit there, happy and oblivious.

The stiffness of old age, and the mental rigidity that can accompany it silently creep up behind us and , like the frog, we remain oblivious…It’s at this point that a person might scratch their head and say, “How did this happen?”

What’s needed is an understanding that we can’t live on autopilot and still have a vital life. There are things that will prevent these scourges of age, but only if we are willing to do something everyday to stop them.



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